Fire Warden Workshop

This is an intensive Workshop, which lasts about 4 hours and covers all that Fire Wardens or Fire Marshals need to know to carry
out their duties.  Like the Basic Fire Awareness Course, it is held on your premises and provides the standard and level of training required by law.

Who is it for?
This Workshop is vital for all employees who have agreed to act as Fire Wardens or Fire Marshals where they work, or because their responsibilities include implementing their employer’s fire evacuation procedures.  It is also ideally suited to people who have a direct responsibility for developing or improving the company’s existing evacuation procedures.

What are its aims and objectives?
By the end of the Workshop, delegates will

have a greater awareness of the dangers of fire and smoke and what causes a fire to start
know how to identify the individual classes of fire and be aware of what extinguisher to use to aid escape
appreciate the potential fire hazards in their building
know how important regular fire drills are
know about the fire safety arrangements where they work
learn about the different methods of evacuation and accounting, and be able to determine the best method for their site.

What does it cover?
The programme includes

the history of Fire Safety legislation
the nature of fire and smoke
action on discovering a fire
how to activate fire alarms
action on hearing the alarm
calling the Fire Service
procedures for the disabled
fire fighting equipment
escape routes
how to open escape doors
importance of fire doors
reasons for not using lifts
importance of general fire precautions and good housekeeping
Fire Marshal and Fire Warden emergency duties
Fire Marshal and Fire Warden non-emergency duties
spotting fire hazards
evacuation systems and accounting methods
practical demonstration on the correct use of fire extinguishers.

As well as their Delegate Pack, all delegates will receive a
Certificate of Attendance upon completing the Workshop.

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